Thursday, January 13, 2011

December photos

With Olivia sick in December, I will be posting some old photos.  Here is the first batch.
Olivia opening a Christmas gift.  She was not feeling well and did not enjoy opening gifts this year.

One of her favorite gifts was this red ball from Grandma and Grandpa B

Aunt Sheila got Olivia all set up for learning about the Grinch Christmas story.

Olivia likes her ball popper, but cannot walk behind it yet of course.  

Olivia LOVES her wheels from Grandma and Grandpa B. She can make it go forward and backward.  We had no idea she was ready for a riding toy.  Grandparents know best!

Olivia played with her ball popper nearly exclusively when she was sick.  Notice her cute sweater from Daddy.

There is our happy baby!

This is more recently.  Now that she is feeling better, she is back to playing with more complicated toys. In fact, she can now stack up to 4 blocks on top of each other when she wants to and is concentrating.

Olivia is having a good time exploring her duplos from Uncle Eddie and her bristle blocks from the Jordans.  This day was really cold outside and I found it comical that she was sitting on the heat vent while playing.

Olivia is loving standing and playing these days.  We also try to get her standing with her back to the sofa and playing with us to promote good posture in standing. (per PT instructions)  So far so good.

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ch said...

So impressed with those stacking skills and love that Dad set you up with such a snappy sweater! Hope you're staying healthy for the new year!!