Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Networking my Blog????

Dear Ds Moms who Blog,

Can you tell me about networking my Blog?

Should I do it and Why?

And what is it anyway?

What are the advantages?

Do you do it?


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Kelly said...

The only "networking" of my blog that I have done is to FB. I'm sure you could get your blog out there to other sources as well. I haven't gotten that far yet. I networked my blog to FB to continue to share Landon and our experience with Ds with family & friends and to reach out to other families (our community is so much larger than those of us who blog).

I have found that many families are more comfortable with FB and getting quick answers to questions rather than waiting for someone to post something relateable.

With that said, there are pros & cons to FB! It depends on your comfort level, and use your privacy settings wisely:) Once we bring our videos and photos of our little loves to "that" social network, we do expose ourselves to some very unpleasant people:(

Don't get me wrong, unpleasantries can find us anywhere........but for the good of our community, I have chosen to stick around......CAUTIOUSLY......after all, this community is the backbone to our journey!! I have come to depend on my fellow bloggers for knowledge & support!

Hope this helps:)