Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Rest of the December Photos

Here Olivia is with her Great Uncle George's presents during the wrapping process. 
Olivia geting into the Jingle Bell Spirit

This is one of Olivia's favorite activities.  And it is helping her make progress in moving around in an all fours crawling position. She still is mostly a belly crawler though.

Olivia telling us her tummy was bothering her.

Mommy got this awesome bike cart for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa M.  We cannot wait until it warms up and we can go biking as a family.

Olivia enjoying her Garden Chimes from the Nolans.

Just smiling.

And then not smiling.  When Olivia is sick, it is hard to get smiles out of her. When she is well, she is a very smiley happy silly little girl.

Olivia loves shoelaces! And she thinks she can tie her own shoes. It is really cute to see her diligence!

The Christmas loot!

Olivia did not like the hat, but we managed to sneak in a few photos.  This was the best photo.
But she was not about to smile.  Hats are not her favorite thing.

Again the hat. She could take the hat off of her head as quickly as we could put it on her head.

Christmas morning with her fish tank from the Nilles.  She was not feeling well.

The ball popper was the toy to bring some smiles and life out of her for a short while.

This basketball game from Uncle Jon and Aunt Chris was a big hit!  Or should I say a slam dunk!
 Olivia had no trouble knowing exactly what to do with this toy.  

And every little girl needs a kitchen and a tea set. These by Fisher Price have been very fun for Olivia.  I don't think she has any idea that this is kitchen stuff, but it is good fine motor work. Anything that keeps her hands busy and exploring is great.  She has figured out that the tea cups are cups and tries to drink from them.  I am memorizing all the cute songs from these Fisher Price toys.   

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