Friday, April 24, 2009

Cantaloupe update week 34

This is week 34 for Baby O, and Sunday begins week 35. Baby Center says that she is about the weight of a cantaloupe.  Looking ahead, C should be delivering a watermelon by C-Section if she can hold out until week 39.  :-)

We received an email update today from the birthmom, C.  The doctors have scheduled a C-Section for Tuesday May 26.  That will be 39 weeks and 2 days.  We will see if O waits that long or decides she wants to meet us in person sooner!  Baby O has turned, again, and is once again in the breach position. C has weekly OBGYN appointments and is being monitored with a weekly stress test. (We have to ask C if this is a stress or a non-stress test.) The doctors feel that the baby is not moving enough.  But it is not clear if C agrees. 

We continue preparing ourselves and our home. Daddy O (PJM) says that Mama O (LSM) is reading too much and should just chill out! So last evening I picked up a non-baby, non-Down Syndrome, non-Montessori book.  What was I reading?  The Diary of Sister Faustina (Polish Power! And appropriate after we just celebrated the Feast of Divine Mercy last Sunday)

Please keep praying for C and for Baby O, and, oh yes, for us, too!

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