Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spoke with Social Worker

This afternoon we had a conversation with our social worker to bring us up to speed on how things are progressing.  Easter, we received a short email from the birthmom, C, who reported that she and the baby were doing well.  Baby O has moved out of breach position into a head down position, and C is more comfortable than she had been.  C continues to tell us that she is lucky to have found us and feels very good about placing Baby O with us for adoption.  Our social worker echoed these comments.  C's social worker sees C as still on track for placing her baby for adoption with us.  Yes, consistent with the end of her pregnancy, C is showing signs that it is going to be more difficult for her than she had thought to part with her baby, but that she is showing none of the typical signs which would lead them to believe that she will keep the baby in the end. C would like us to meet her mother and a friend prior to delivery as they will be there at the hospital also.  Our social worker tells us that she has been telling her family wonderful things about us.  That is nice and reassuring to hear!  It would be good to see C again prior to the delivery, so this will be good.

We should be receiving in the mail shortly, very very rough information from the birthmom and birthdad about themselves and their families.  This is private information for our eyes only to help us know more about the baby and her birth family history.  The social workers don't feel that there is any earth shattering news in this information. That is what we had expected.  We will also be receiving a very very rough draft of the hospital plan. What is contained in there is subject to change. C may decide that she wants more private time with the baby than she had previously thought. That is perfectly understandable and acceptable.   I cannot even begin to imagine how hard it would be to place ones baby for adoption, but I have heard that it is difficult beyond your wildest imaginings.  We have the utmost respect for what C is going through.  We would hate to be in her shoes. Even with all the uncertainties that we have and all the chance for this adoption also to fall through, we still realize that what we would go through in losing Olivia is by far less difficult than what C is going through in terminating her rights to her own flesh and blood.  Our prayers are constantly with her.  We cannot make her pain go away, but we can do all we can do to make this as easy as it can be given the circumstances.

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