Thursday, April 16, 2009

Congratulations "Agent M"!

After 3 long grueling months of studying evenings and weekends, PJM took and passed the Patent Bar Examination on his first try! What a huge relief! Praise God! He had worked so hard and poured every last ounce of his energy into studying, so it is even more wonderful to see him pass on his first attempt. One of PJM's goals was to pass the test before Olivia's arrival. We had been praying together for this intention every evening. Passing this test allows PJM to become a registered patent agent and to be able to directly practice law in the US Patent and Trademark Office. (No, he is not a lawyer, as he cannot practice law in a traditional court of law.)   This test is really a difficult one.  Many very intelligent people have not passed on their first try, therefore PJM was extra nervous even though he felt prepared. In the US, only around 80,000 people have become registered to practice in the USPTO in the history of registering patent agents. This is truly a wonderful accomplishment!  And a hard fought one at that!  I am so proud of him and so very happy!

We are so happy and so relieved! A huge weight that has been hanging on our shoulders for the past three months has been lifted!  Thanks to everyone who prayed for us during this time! Prayers always help! Your love and support of us no matter what befalls us means so much!

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Anonymous said...

HOLY MOLEY, PETER!!!!!! If I'd been keeping in touch, or had found your blog site sooner, I'd have known you were sitting for the Patent Bar. THIS IS FANTASTIC NEWS!!!! You know how crazy I am about "patent folk"!!! Fabulous!

This is too, too great! Anxious to learn from you what your Reg. number will be! Mike Marston (the most recent atty in our office to sit for it ~ 2 yrs. ago is 61,432. It'll be interesting to know.

Again, congratulations! This is absolutely wonderful news.

peace and all good things to you both,