Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Honey Dew

Today we begin week 35!  Today is the 26th of April and her date for delivery is set for the 26th of May.  One month!  Wow!

Baby Center tells us that she is about the weight of a honey dew melon.  So this week we can call her our "honey dew".  That sounds better than calling her our "cantaloupe".

This weekend included:

1.) Peter putting the finishing touches on the nursery.

2.)We took THE trip to Babies R Us.

3.)Continuing to get organized and getting more and more excited!

4.)Continuing to Pray for C and Baby O.


Rooster said...

Did you pick anything up from Babies R Us? I saw that they have a nice little selection of cute organic clothes.

SukiJ said...

I have been thinking often about everyone and praying that al goes as planned. I loved the analogy of the honey dew. The wait seems harder when you get so close, but it will be worth the wait I am sure.