Saturday, May 23, 2009


Today we celebrated O's Baptism in a very quiet small service.  Due to O's early arrival, low birth weight and Down syndrome, we were advised by doctors and nurses in the NICU to keep O out of crowds (germs) and from being overstimulated. We did not want to wait any longer than necessary to begin her life in the Church, so we opted for this private service.  Pictured is who was in attendance.  (also, Peter's brother and his wife were there to drive Grandma Kate and take photos and movies)

O was very quiet and slept through the 45 minutes that we were at Church.  She did not let out even  a whimper during the Baptism, but was peaceful and positively radiant of God's Glory! (We DO think she is the best!)  Towards the end when Daddy O was opening gifts, O was softly whining that it had been enough and she was ready to go home. At home,  she got a bottle, then slept for 3 1/2 hours solid until we had to wake her up to eat. 

 Eating is going well and she continues to gain weight and grow.  She is feeling like less of  a preemie and more of a baby.  She actually is starting to fill out!  She is getting stronger every day. We are impressed by how well she holds her head up and moves her head around during tummy time.  She likes tummy time! Today I tried a black and white card for her to look at.  I believe she was seeing something, because she got very peaceful in her breathing and facial expressions and stared in that direction for a long time.

I hope all of you can know that we would have wanted to share this big day with you.  Prior to O being born we had planned to invite everyone to the Baptism and have music and a party. But O had other ideas!  Our little Fiesta Girl born on Cinco de Mayo!

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