Friday, May 8, 2009

Little Glo-worm

Today O's bilirubin level was up (jaundice), so she was put in a bili-blanket.  This is similar to the grow light therapy.  The light makes her swaddle blanket glow a neon blue color.  We could hold her with this on.  If her levels go up, then they will have to use the grow lights. 

Today her skin was less of that new born "I just spent 8 months in a bathtub" shriveled up look.

She is gaining weight.  She now weighs 4 lbs 4.8 oz.  Either we are getting used to what she looks like, or she is filling out some.  

Her platelet count was low today. They are rerunning the test, and if it is still low then they will request a transfusion.  O's veins don't like to give blood or take IV's so it takes a team of nurses and about an hour before they get the job done.  Our brave little sweetheart usually falls asleep during the process. After it is all done, she is exhausted.  

She is taking more formula from the bottle and less IV nutrition.  When she has been exhausted by the medical team, they will give her a feeding by the tube.

Mama O is getting really good and quick at changing a diaper through the little holes in her incubator.  

Thanks to everyone for their care, concern, support and prayers!  It means so much!

(We learned today that for the time being no one but us (and birth-mom) can visit her. It gets lonely for us in NICU, but this is adoption and we just say Yes and Thank you.)


SukiJ said...

We had to go thru the grow light with Christopher. It was a little nerve racking, but all turned out well. We continue to pray for Baby O that all goes well so she can leave the hospital soon.

Aunt Suki

Rooster said...

We're three also sending lots of good wishes that Olivia is sent home with you soon! What are the doctor's looking for in order for that to happen?

Poor little babe!!! An hour for an IV!!! What a blessing that she seems to sleep through it.