Sunday, May 31, 2009

New clothes and visitor

This is an organic outfit from the Gap that was a gift from cousin Trisha and Thurston!  And it has room for her to grow!!!!!  (0 to 3 months)  Olivia is really cool and hip in her Gap clothing!
This is an outfit from Aunt Suki and Uncle John III.  So very very cute!!!!  It has an adorable sweater that goes with it. She wore the sweater outside.  (0 to 3 month; Janie and Jack)
Uncle Doug came to visit O this afternoon. O showed him just how MUCH she can sleep during the day!!!!  (Mama O and O have quality time at night with the mood lighting of the night lights!)  O also showed him how stubborn she still can be about getting the bottle in her mouth to start feeding. We thought we were doing better at that, but then she decided to entertain us again with her old tricks! 

Today was O's Due Date!  She can no longer use the excuse:  "But I am not even supposed to be born yet!"

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Signe said...

so cute - that outfit is great and how sweet that she got to met the cousins!