Thursday, May 28, 2009

Visit with Aunt Connie

Today Daddy O went to the office. This was the first day he was away from Mama O and Baby O since O was born.  We really miss him.  Aunt Connie came last night and has been with us all day.  O has slept all day except when we gave her a bath this morning.  Aunt Connie, retired hair stylist, studied O's hair growth and now O has a new hair style!  Mama O was combing it the wrong direction for the way that her hair grows.

We have commented about O's strength and determination, her powerful legs, her wiggly squirminess. Well, today during a diaper and t-shirt change she threw her leg over the other leg and rolled completely over with arm moving her over, too.  Yes, probably a fluke. But Wow! We were saying that one has to anticipate O's every move! Here is one example.  The early on therapists are scheduled to evaluate her the beginning of June. It will be good to get regular professional directed advice.  O moves around A LOT!  We have heard the opinions that this is normal baby movement and then the opposite that this is not normal.  The early on therapists will say for sure.  The good thing is that even if this is not normal, that addressing whatever this issue might be early will help us to overcome any obstacle it might place in her way in the long run.


Rooster said...

Way to go, O, you strong baby girl, rolling over already! WOW you will always amaze us!

Signe said...

She's gorgeous and man, is she strong! She is going to have such a great life.

Michelle said...

Her movement, particularly if she's rolling herself over, sounds like a good thing. She might hit the gross motor skill milestones early. But I'm anxious to hear what the therapists think.