Saturday, May 16, 2009

Coming Home! Hopefully!

We have great news!
O is supposed to come home tomorrow if she continues to manage to get her formula quota consumed.
It is difficult to get her to stay awake to take it all, but we manage to do it.  We feel like we are forcing her, and that we are. 
We will have to continue this until the doctor says we don't.  But she is low birth weight and struggling gaining. 
Prayers please for our success and hers, too!

We were busy getting the finishing touches ready for O's homecoming so that is the reason for the short post yesterday and no photos today.

Recent highlights:
Getting tube out of her nose!  (Think of that Thurston!!!!)
Car seat test.... she passed!
First Physical Therapy appointment.  Mama O and Daddy O learned which exercises to begin to strengthen and stretch muscles.  We also received special instructions for tummy time.  O has gained in strength so much since birth.  During tummy time, she can pick her head up and turn from side to side.  Her legs are strong.  Her proximinal muscles are weak.  But she is going in the right direction.
She is beginning to arouse herself to eat.  She actually will let our a little cry sometimes when she is hungry. 
Her endurance still is not very good. She gets tired too fast.
When she comes home we will have to make sure that we feed  her every 3 or 4 hours whether she wakes up herself or not.

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Rooster said...

Yea, yea, yea! O sounds like a very normal, healthy, little girl!