Thursday, May 14, 2009

Way to Go O!

Someone has a full belly!!!  :-)   
O's ranking for feeding by bottle was:  Meets or Exceeds Expectations!
Keep up the good work O!
We did all of her feedings and they all went beautifully!
Notre Dame Fan already!  Daddy has taught her the Victory March!
The night nurse moved her feeding tube to her nose from her mouth. This was to allow for easier feeding.  It worked!  It makes O sneeze though.  If O continues to eat well, she gets her tube completely removed.  This was the first day that we ever saw her chin.  It is cute, don't you think!  It does appear to be small as is typical for a person with Down Syndrome.
Although O keeps her mouth closed and her tongue in as a typical baby does, here is a photo of her being silly.  Actually we rarely see her tongue and usually have to pry her mouth open to feed.


Signe said...

i cannot stand it - she is SOOOOOO cute. I would want to hold her and stare at her all day. I'm so glad she is eating so well - that brings her that much closer to being home. 'Congrats to you all!

Rooster said...

She is just such a cute little girl! She's got such great color to her skin now and her expressions are so fun to watch.