Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Today, finally, O's umbilical cord finally fell off. Perhaps she was waiting until the date she was scheduled to be born.  With this milestone, she can finally wear real clothes other than nightgowns and t-shirts.  So, we put her in this preemie sized sleeper.  Of course, it is very hot today, so she basically only wore it for photos and then she declared it was too hot.  The nurses told us not to bother buying preemie clothes.  Luckily we did not buy many.  She is outgrowing them quickly.  O is finally getting some baby fat. She really appeared that she had not an ounce of fat on her when she was born. She looks so cute and newborn baby like!

We are doing really well.  Thanks to Grandma B we even have a clean house!  Daddy O is back to work this week. He has declared that playing with O is more fun than work. I agree!  

O is getting stronger everyday. She is a hard worker during her physical therapy play time. I am impressed by her daily progress.  (although there are days when she seems to take a tiny step backwards.)  Daddy O is currently sitting with her and practicing holding her head up.  Quite a balancing act and a feat of neck strength.  

O let me sleep for 3 hours straight last night!  What a great kid!   No wonder I love her so much!

Aunt Connie just arrived and is having a sleep over!  We will play all day tomorrow while Daddy is at the office.  

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