Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Adoption Placement

Just heard from our adoption worker that the court has processed the petition to formally place O with us for adoption. As such, O is no longer our foster child but is now officially the child we are adopting!!! Besides the obvious good feeling, this also makes us her full custodians/guardians and able to make all medical decisions without first consulting the agency. With placement we can also finally get her onto our insurance. Since we prefer to use the nearest doctors in IN and O was on MI medicaid we had to pay for all of her medical care ourselves. It will be nice to not have to pay those expenses directly!

The agency plans to request finalization in mid-November, which is six months from O's release from NICU, since we have been caring for her from that date. However, the court may not accept that and may require six months from the adoption placement. Either way, we are in the home stretch of the adoption process. The last step should be a formality.

UPDATE: Just learned that the judge actually signed the papers on June 26th. Apparently some clerk simply forgot to let anyone know or mail the paperwork.

- Daddy O


SukiJ said...

This GREAT news. I am sure you guys must be jumping up and down with joy. I am SO happy for the three of you. It is clear from the pictures that the three of you are a happy, close knit family. Real parents can't always do it so well. CONGRATS!!! Keep up with photos and blogs as time allows. I check both every day. God bless you all. Love, Aunt Suki

Michelle said...

Congratulations! That is very happy news.