Thursday, July 9, 2009

Two Week Storm

As O puts it best ... it can be really tough to be a baby. It appears we have hit that stage that all babies must pass through when their hormones simultaneously tell them to sleep and to be awake ... causing them to do neither very well and leaving them in a state of fussiness. This is normal and not Down syndrome related.

Mommy has been an amazing trooper ... doing her best to keep O content and helping O remain as well rested as possible. This is definitely a major endeavor on Mommy's part. Amazingly, Mommy remains so calm and comforting through it all. Clearly, Mommy O was born to parent. Daddy says, let me push the vacuum and wash bottles - at least for those tasks I can understand what to do. We are getting through it and reminding ourselves that this too shall pass.

We still hope/plan to come to the family reunion on Sunday. O will call the shots on when, how long and in what form. The pediatrician was okay with us going but instructed us not to play "pass the baby" and to have people refrain from stroking her cheek or touching her hands. I will tell you, that is hard with a baby as cute as O!!! As we tell the young nieces and nephews, look with your eyes rather than your hands. Certainly by next year we will be ready to have anyone willing to take her off our hands to take her!!! Hope to see many of you on Sunday.

- Daddy O

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SukiJ said...

It is tough to be the parent of a preemie and a DS baby, but God seems to have blessed the three of you with the love that you need to make it all work. Great Job! Olivia clearly is doing well because she has a great Mom and Dad. Keep up the hard work and it will all provide amazing results. Love, Aunt Suki