Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sleeping on the Incline

Another thing we learned yesterday at PT is that the back arching can also be a sign of reflux. Apparently, an infant who has reflux will do a lot of back arching in an instinctive effort to avoid the stomach contents from getting into the lungs. Yeah for God's ingenuity!!!

Last night Daddy worked on the crib so that one end was elevated. Mommy who slept in a chair at bedside last night reports that the six hours O slept were definitely the most peaceful to date. Maybe she was worn out from being up all day :-( or maybe we are onto something. Time will tell, so stay tuned. With O, everyday is the same and everyday is different.

You might ask ... why did Mommy sleep beside last night? Well, she was worried O would end up head down on the incline. Mommy is so smart!!! So, this morning Daddy put a rolled up towel in a U-shape under the crib sheet. Now O and Mommy can sleep knowing that O can't get herself upside down. Of course, it is all setup so that O can't get her face into anything. A bit of tricky engineering work. Sometimes all those years of schooling pays off.

- Daddy O

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ch said...

We ended up using a laundry basket for the first few months with LC...We layered towels and pillows at one end. Then we put a shelf from a book shelf in there to form the firm "mattress". A towel or queen sized blanked went on top of the shelf. Then, we rolled 3 for under her legs and one on either side of her.

Another tip our OT gave was to make sure her leg to torso angle was never at or below 90 degrees. Sometimes that felt like a trick with that roll of towel at the bottom.

Ooooooooooooooooo...i could just spread her on a cracker. Your little O is GORGEOUS.