Thursday, July 2, 2009

Boy J

Just a little update on Boy J. The social worker is to bring him to our home on July 14th for a visit. We are so looking forward to meeting him in person. He has been in our hearts and minds for nearly 18 months!!!! The goal is to get a sense of how he might do in our family and home. Assuming everyone feels that we are a good match for J, then he could move in shortly thereafter. Finally, all the paperwork to become a licensed foster care home pays off!!! We ask that everyone pray for the gift of Wisdom for us and the social workers as we make a decision regarding J. It will be a lot to care for O and help J adjust to a new home simultaneously, but we feel strongly called by God to prayerfully consider the possibility.

Here are a couple of old photos of J. While they are nearly 18 mos. old, it is easy to see why he has stolen our hearts.

- Daddy O

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