Friday, July 17, 2009

Stinkin' Tired

Yes, we have reached the point of being fall asleep standing up, can't think straight, stinkin' tired. We realize we have hit that really tough phase where you simply are trying to find a way make it through. O is loveable and a real sweetheart, but we are beginning to admit to ourselves that she is a demanding, extremely-fussy/colicky baby. She is this way all day from about 6AM until about 9PM. It is very hard to put her down during that time and if she does go down she only sleeps for a short while. She can be soothed and will sleep better if held - but that is a bad habit we are trying not to fall into. Having a child with a disability gives us an appreciation for not applying labels to people, but we hope the admittance that O is colicky will be cathartic and maybe bring some kindly souls out of the woodwork. At night, O is pretty good to Mommy - it is those days that are problem! Bless her heart, O seems to realize it is night and only feeds twice. However, due to her Down syndrome those feedings can take around an hour. 9PM to 6AM with two feedings just isn't enough sleep for O or Mommy. Daddy does the best he can to keep the house going while Mommy tends to O, but we do need a paycheck.

I apologize up front for any missed or late cards, slowly or unreturned emails, a lack of phone calls, a lack of future blog posts, a lack of future photos on Shutterfly, or trips out to visit anyone. We simply have to hunker down, focus on the home front, pull up our boot straps and get ourselves through this. As we don't see any reinforcements or calvary on the horizon, we know we're goin' to have to fend for ourselves - and that means being a bit self-centered for a while. We won't stay this way (we promise), but please have patience with us during this time. Please also pray for all three of us.

- Daddy O


Rooster said...

Welcome to parenthood! Just when you get used to one "schedule", baby decides that doesn't make her happy any more and you feel like you're starting from scratch. I remember many months of wondering why Marcos was so fussy and just doing the best I could. Sergio and I would take turns trying everything we could think of while the other had a chance to just take a deep breath and get away from the crying. They mean it when they say "parenting is the hardest job you'll ever have"!

hang in there! I wish we lived closer and I would offer to do some chores.

ch said...

bless your hearts! how regularly is o having bm's? i know our pediatrician said we needn't worry until we'd gone for 4-5 days without, but with lc as soon as she became backed up the additional blockage would send up LOTS of acid reflux as she was straining to go. if lc didn't go EVERY DAY she was miserable.
we had lots of success in a formula change to alimentum and a prescription for prevacid as well. hope you're able to catch some more winks in the coming days! we're looking VERY forward to seeing more pictures of your little star!