Thursday, July 16, 2009

Eye Doctor

O had her first opthamology checkup today. There were no signs of glaucoma or cataracts. And her eyes look healthy. YEAH! Yes, some kids with Down syndrome are born with cataracts that require immediate surgery to avoid blindness. The doctor also checked that the retina had developed normally given O was born premature. Apparently, the eyes of some preemies do not finish developing correctly. O is slightly far sighted in the same way that all newborns all. We will not need to go about for another year unless we notice any signs of a lazy eye that don't go away by the time she is 6 months-old (corrected age). We were told that children with Down syndrome are more susceptible to a lazy eye given the overall low muscle tone in their bodies.

Mommy and Daddy thought that O did really well at the appointment. A little crying but overall very cooperative. O tells the story differently. She will tell you that she is so tough and strong that it took Daddy holding her body, Mommy holding her arms, a nurse just to hold the eyelids open, and a doctor to do the exam. "Small but strong" is O's motto. We will let you decide which version of the story you like best :-)

- Daddy O

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Liz B. @ VSP said...

Congrats to you and O on a successful first visit to the ophthalmologist! Great job on getting her checked early, it’s so important! To learn to learn some additional information and tips about infant eye care, visit