Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Back to Her Normal Self

Thanks for everyone's concern over Olivia's health. Apparently she had just been a bit under the weather.  We were able to go to Grandma and Grandpa B's house on Halloween and see her cousins.  Olivia did NOT want to wear her pumpkin costume though.  Next year we need to find a more comfortable costume. She should be walking next Halloween.  Olivia was relieved to learn that she doesn't have to wear a costume for Thanksgiving or Christmas. All she has to do is eat and play with toys. Both activities she enjoys!

About Olivia's sick day:  Our guess is that she was just a bit under the weather and that with her low muscle tone that she just became all the more limp and passive.  

But she is not limp or passive now!  This was the scene when I was changing her diaper this morning.  I do have some photos of her without diaper and crawling around. But she begged me not to post the truth!
What Mom? You never seen a baby avoid diaper changing before?

Trying to get her to settle down, I gave her the iPad with the flash cards.  It did the trick!  She is getting really good at using this program all by herself!


heidi marie said...

too funny! nothing more fun than trying to change a kid that doesn't want to be changed. ;)

and ipads/iphones are lifesavers!

stephanie said...

So glad she's back to herself! Love the attempted getaway! she is adorable!