Friday, November 12, 2010

What spoon? But I side-sit!

I wonder if any of you other Moms have experienced this?  Olivia had gotten to be quite good with her spoon and self-feeding, and then suddenly lost interest.  She sees the spoon in front of her with food on it and her hand becomes limp and she just has no interest in holding it and taking it to her mouth. She also has lost interest in throwing her spoon.  That is progress!  She will hold her spoon and take it to her mouth and put it down nicely on the tray or in an empty bowl when we are just practicing. But for the real thing, she is not interested.  She is doing beautifully controlling her own straw cup. She picks it up off the tray and drinks and sets it down nicely on the tray.  She is typically not throwing cups, spoons and bowls off the edge and at the wall any more!  Praise God!  She is self-feeding with her hands beautifully.  And will throw a piece off the edge of the tray when she no longer wants that particular food choice.  She does know the correct sign for "all done". She just picks and chooses when she uses it!

Olivia is accepting being put in "side-sitting" more and more these days and this is leading to getting in and out of sitting the right way more often. Before she always used the unapproved "Chinese Splits Method" which does make me cringe given I have worked so hard on the "pre" in and out of sitting exercises.  But I do now see that my work was not in vain, as she is beginning to accept doing it the right way.  I have a hard time feeling the urge to curtail all of her "illegal" moves, because I don't want her to stop doing everything altogether. But I spend lots of time trying to "catch" her before she does in the wrong way and get her doing it the right way with perhaps Olivia feeling as if she had done it all by herself the correct way.  Olivia's podiatrist talked about how important HIP issues are for people with Ds. We have worked from Day 1 on protecting he hips. I hope it pays off.  I heard recently of a child having surgery for hip dysplasia.  God willing we won't go there.

We work and we work with our kids, but they are independent human beings. I try to remember that and respect her first and foremost. Well! On second thought!  I LOVE her first!  That is what they told us in the NICU! Love her!  All the rest will follow suit!  And I think they are correct!

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heidi marie said...

henry did the same thing with self-feeding. i think he did it to kind of test us in a way. kinda like, "i know they'll feed me no matter what so i'm not going to do it..." it only lasted a few weeks and we just encouraged him to do it on his own and did hand over hand.