Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kling-on Improvements

In thinking about how to handle Olivia's "kling-on" stage, I wondered what would the Blessed Mother have done with Jesus.  Back then, Moms kept baby/ children with them at all times.  Ok. I was going to give it a try.  Sort of. 

 When I went to the bathroom, I took her in with me.  When I cooked, I set her at my feet. When I did laundry, again, at my feet.  So basically, I was making her stay with me, although she was free to crawl away.  It did not take too many days of this, and Olivia started crawling away from me.  As of today, she has been spending very little time at my feet before crawling away.  After dinner I took her in the 1/2 bath with me, and she nearly knocked the door down to get out.  I may have outsmarted her!  I hope Olivia doesn't read this blog post.  I think she does sometimes. Because if she reads this, she will get clingy simply to prove my Blessed Mother and Jesus theory incorrect! Olivia likes to keep me humble.  

 Last week we had Olivia's 18 month photo taken. She has been to this photographer 2 times before. I warned the photographer that Olivia had been very clingy and I did not know how it was going to go. But as soon as Olivia saw the studio lights and props she was ready to perform! She and the photographer had a great time! We got some great shots!

We will see if getting Olivia's blood drawn next week brings back Miss Kling-on. I think that is when this all started the first time. But not too much we can do about it.  With the hypothyroidism, there is regularly scheduled blood work. Hopefully her numbers are good and then she won't need blood work for another 6 months.

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