Friday, November 5, 2010

WWF: Klingon VS Pediatrician (Victory Klingon!)

Today was Olivia's 18 month well baby visit.    Olivia has become a real Mommy and Daddy's girl.  That means she clings to us and is very cautious around other people.  (although Grandma B and Olivia are still best Buddies!)  The doctor told us that since Olivia has Ds that she is just hitting this normal developmental stage at a later age. Usually it appears at 9 to 12 months old. He said that this is a good sign of a securely attached child, who knows that Mommy and Daddy are safe and that to be wise is to study other people good and long before getting involved with them.  It was good to hear that our Klingon is normal! In fact he says he gets concerned when he doesn't see a child go through this "stranger danger" phase.  The wise doctor did Olivia's exam while Olivia was sitting on my lap.  She tolerated it better this way.  The nurse that gave her the shot was careful to make sure that Olivia could not see her, and that I was completely blocking Olivia's view of the mean old nurse.

Doctor was very pleased with how Olivia is progressing both developmentally and in her health.  Yes, she is developmentally delayed, but she keeps progressing at a good solid steady Olivia pace.

She is now 35% for weight:  23 lbs 5 oz
25% for length: at somewhere around 30 inches or so.
Her head circumference is still in the lower percentiles  13%

The good news is, as far as the doctor is concerned at least, is that Olivia did not pull his hair or his ear this time. Perhaps that is the real reason he decided to examine her differently. Last time he really got a lesson in Olivia's ability to grip on to hair and ears. I think she punched him once or twice when he was looking into her ears. But then again,  she had an ear infection at that last visit and was not a happy camper.

He believes that her teeth that have been causing so much trouble coming through for the past 6 weeks will come through prior to her entering college. Thus we are applying for early admission!


Csunshinegirl said...

OMGosh I've got a Klingon too. It's driving me batty, but I know it's appropriate. Actually not sure where your got his #'s from, but I read in my Toddler 411 book, that separation anxiety peaks from 15 - 18 months, so our babes are right on target! :)

Erin said...

LOL, that's funny about the hair and ear pulling! Lucas used to have a bad hair pulling habit, he is so much better now. Yes, "stranger danger" is an interesting phase but totally normal. Glad everything went well!