Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wow - Never Missed a Day During October

Guest post from Peter …

I want to publicly congratulate my loving wife on posting everyday during October. She never missed a day and only a couple of times punted the ball.  She posted every day even when it meant she had to stay up a little latter at the end of a long day of caring for Olivia. I think we all learned something this month about Down syndrome and we certainly all got to see Olivia’s antics.  Olivia made a lot of progress during October, and everyone had a front row seat.  We all need to continue to spread the word that, at the end of the day, people with Down syndrome are people.  They are valued and cherished by their families just like everyone else. It doesn’t matter if it takes them a little longer to learn something. The world is enriched by their presence and we need to stop the insanity of resulting in the abortion of 90% of children diagnosed prenatally with Down syndrome.  We can’t imagine our lives without Olivia.  Thank God for her birthmother!


stephanie said...


Thank you!

stephanie said...

BTW, how is Olivia feeling? I just read your post from a couple of days ago. Emmie was acting a little strange like that too, but i blamed it on her vaccinations. she was hard to wake up and listless for most of the day.
It scared the heck out of us.
I hope O is all better.

SukiJ said...

Amen that. All people, no matter their differences, are valued in God's eye and we need to learn how they can enrich our lives. Watching Olivia's grow has been a real wonder for me and I have celebrate in all of her victories, no matter how small they may be.