Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving morning at our house

Happy Thanksgiving! If you are reading this, you are someone who I am grateful to have in my life.  I don't say Thank you nearly enough! So Thank you again and again!!!!! Whether you are a blogger Mom (all of you have been such a great support!!!! I am immensely grateful to all of you Ds blogger moms!!!!) or a friend or a family member or just someone who happened to find my blog, you are part of my life. Maybe you don't even know me, but we have connected because of Olivia. It is a great grace to have our life touched by so many people from both near and far. Olivia has expanded our love and expanded our world.  We begin each day with heartfelt prayers that God bless all of you. We especially pray for all people with Down syndrome and especially for the children who are going through medical crises.  We know that trials may come our way also, and we know that the prayers of others would sustain us.  We pray for all of you who have current medical trials with your sweet children.  God bless you! And a big HUG!!!!! 

Daddy bought me this awesome pink horse.
It is going to help me get stronger in my torso and my legs so that I can walk!

I am getting really good at it already!

See how well I can stand!  I was standing with my back up to the sofa also, but Mommy did not have the camera ready and she was afraid to walk across the room and have me fall down and go boom while she went to get the camera. I will try to pose with my back to the sofa soon so you can see my new trick.  I stand big and tall and straight!
 Stomach in. Chest out!  Like a good Marine!  (Right Grandpa B!?!?!??)

Daddy made a great Thanksgiving lunch for the three of us. Here is me praying before our meal and giving Thanks to Almighty God!  (after my nap we are going to visit with other family members)

This is me with my plate of food. I also ate some chicken and lots of jellied cranberries! I really LOVE jellied cranberries. And Mommy thought they would be too strong for me.  I ate: Rice, yams, carrots, squash, cauliflower and green beans also.  Daddy did a great job making an awesome meal!  Way to go Daddy!  And notice: No baby food at all! Everything was homemade and real adult like food!  It is amazing what teeth can do for a person!

This is me eating my first piece of  yams. I decided that I like them best leftover and cold. They just taste better that way. And they need to be cut up into nice pretty cubes.  Presentation is everything you know!

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Looking Up said...

The pic of her praying is just precious. Have a blessed holiday. :)