Monday, October 25, 2010

Breakfast of Champions!

What is for breakfast?
Oh Boy! Rice Chex with Milk!  Who would have thought of  cereal and  milk for breakfast! Way to go Dad!

Oh! This is going to be Yummy!

Almost in my mouth...

Oh! I can taste it!

Ummm!!!! Yummm!

Delight!!!! Absolute delight!!!

Olivia is working diligently on self feeding with a spoon.  She has become very good at getting the spoon to her mouth and knowing to go back to the bowl for more. Tonight at dinner she ate nearly her entire dinner with her spoon, although she ate her cauliflower and daikon radishes (large mild radish, looks like a big carrot, thought of as a Japanese vegetable, we slice them and steam) with her hands.
We are using the Boon bowl with suction cup and the Nubby spoon.  It is not beautiful (as my Montessori training predisposes me towards choosing), but it works and that is what Mommy has to just accept.  I have some beautiful silverware  for toddlers and some attractive plates, bowls and placemats that I have used with typically developing children of this age. But Olivia has motor control issues, and so the bowls, and spoons tend to go flying.  The placemat would surely be seen as a Magic Carpet! Sure to fly! The important thing is that she is having success!  We still need to hold on to the spoon, so that it doesn't go flying, but I think that as we keep working on grasp/ release,  give/ take, and placing that we will make better progress and be able to  not hold onto the spoon and have the spoon not go flying constantly.   

(I have gotten used to the fact that Fisher Price and Playskool, Leap Frog and Vtech make some great toys that really are what Olivia needs, so I think that I will cope with our table settings also!  Silly Mom!)

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Okay. I need that bowel. More info please. Where to buy, etc.? Thanks.