Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Yes! You were right if you guessed that the two items on either side of the Apple wireless optical mouse are Olivia's orthotics. I have to admit that when I heard that Olivia needed orthotics I thought. "Orthotics are for old people (like me)" Not for little children. But the podiatrist assured me that "baby orthotics" are cute. Well, they are cute in their own way. And they are ever so tiny. Surely not as tiny as the hearing aids that kids lose, but tiny still. I don't think the cats will walk off with them, but I will be careful.

Olivia's needs orthotics because she has flat feet and pronation. Olivia seems to love her orthotics. I feared they would be uncomfortable, but no! She has wanted to stand constantly today and her endurance for standing and her form in standing is much improved. I would have to say, the orthotics seem to be worth the $300. I don't know how we will feel about a $300 price tag every 9 months to replace them, but Olivia is worth every penny!!!!!!

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