Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ligamous Laxity continued

This is the photo that I wanted to upload yesterday.  This is Olivia's natural way to pull up to kneeling.  Problem is, it doesn't work.  Study this photo, then try to get up to kneeling using her method.  Not too easy!?!!?  So I continue to work with her (continue, meaning we have been working on this for months) on getting to kneeling from a sitting position (sideways to the shelf) or from a quadruped (up on all fours) position where she picks up one hand, places it on the shelf, picks up the other hand, places it on the shelf and then moves her knees in and then under her.  She can get to kneeling both ways.  We usually do it the sitting way, but recently she has an interest in moving up from a quadruped position.

Oh! Also!  Did you notice that in this photo her head is nearly touching her tush!  Can you do that!?!?!? Another example of ligamous laxity.

Olivia is a crawler! She can get anywhere she wants to go and can get there faster than fast!  Just ask the cats' tails!  She is getting in and out of sitting, albeit the wrong way when I am not there to support her to do it correctly.  But all this movement has increased her independence and has increased the need to get the childproofing completed!  Do you know the difference between crawling and creeping?


To Love Endlessly said...

fun post! I don't think I ever saw M try to pull up quite like that. super sweet!

Erin said...

Lucas is very flexible too, it's pretty incredible. I know sometimes we work and work with our kiddos and just when you are about to give up they do it. They are definitely on their own timelines.

Tina said...

My daughter Saira was a crawler for ages, cleaning the floor with her entire body, it's only in the last few months that she has learnt to creep and does it so well. Another milestone for us to celebrate, oh and she's already 2! But it doesn't matter, they get there eventually.