Friday, October 22, 2010

Brushing Teeth the Montessori Way

Because of my Montessori training I have always cringed (and been nearly ready to contact CPS) every time I hear a dental hygenist recommend placing child on the floor, straddling them, holding them down, prying open the mouth and brushing the teeth.  Simply not the way I was trained to approach children.

Here is a video of my chosen method. I follow the child, keep it fun, give choices, give respect and teach independence.  Hopefully, Olivia will continue to find brushing her teeth a good thing.  So far she enjoys it.

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Lisa said...

Sheridan loves brushing his teeth, too. we make it fun, sing songs, etc. and he loves it. always asks for more when we're done. love your approach!

By the way, I found your blog through a mutual blogging friend when I put a call out asking if anybody knew much about Waldorf and Montessori education. We are strongly leaning toward Waldorf or Montessori for our son (he's only 2 but we're looking at preschools right now) and she mentioned that you were a good resource :)

Can't wait to keep up with O... she's adorable!