Sunday, October 24, 2010

Playing with Crayons

It is harder for children with Ds to learn to use crayons and do most fine motor activities do to sensory issues, neurological issues, motor control, hypotonia and ligamous laxity.  Some fine motor development that one would expect to see in a 12 month old or younger, one may not see in a child with Down syndrome until closer to 4 years old.  There is great variability amongst children with Ds in their development of fine and gross motor skills, as each child with Ds is unique as to what extent the factors I mentioned above are issues for them.  I have seen children with Ds with truly amazing moms who are unbelievably devoted to working with their child, and yet they are still struggling.  It  is humbling for me as a "preschool teacher" to be working tirelessly with my child and not see results.  I am so grateful for the people in my life who cheer me and Olivia on, even when we are not achieving the desired results yet.  Some days I could just cry! But the people in my life who cheer me on make all the difference.  Children with Ds struggle with grasp/ release and motor control and this causes a lot of throwing and "clearing off the table".  It gets better over time, but lasts incredibly longer than with typical children. Our kids are not being "bad" when they throw. They are just still with out the needed motor control/ grasp/release development. Rest assured we work on these issues tirelessly.  Here is a video of me working with Olivia with crayons.  (Marcos, thanks for the picture you made, and Olivia has a picture for you that she will send soon!  XOXOXO)


ch said...

WooHoo, Little O! I'm pretty sure your attention span is exactly 1 minute and 55 seconds longer than LC's when it comes to crayons. I love the way her little eyes follow the crayon to see what's happening on that paper. Sweet peach.

Looking Up said...

I'm laughing as I type this because my 22 month old son & I were practicing a very similar routine yesterday. One moment he would be scribbling with his crayon, the next moment, it the crayon be on the floor. I know that my son will reach all of his milestones eventually, but I seriously hope he gets over that "throwing everything against the wall phase" sooner, rather than later! :)