Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cutting Mom and Dad Down to Size!

(Blog post by Peter with some minor additions by Linda)

Well, apparently Olivia read yesterday's blog entry and decided to show those making medical decisions  (her parents and her doctors) who was in charge.  Actually, what happened freaked us out and still has us a bit worried.

Normally Olivia wakes up ready for action, bright eyed, and clearly indicating that we better get a move on it and get breakfast on the table. This morning, Olivia was a total rag doll. She was limp, listless and just seemed to want to be snuggled, and looking as if she could nod off to sleep. So not Olivia!!!! Trying not to panic, we decided to proceed with breakfast after we saw her interested in crawling after the cat's tail.  Maybe she was slow waking up for some reason.  She wasn't asking for food, but was willing to eat and ate her normal breakfast. That had to be a good sign - right?  However, instead of her normal animated self at the table it seem to take all she had to prop herself up.  There were glimpses of spark, followed by a blank stare.  Okay, we were still worried. Then we notice that her skin color was a little purple and her hands are cold.  Okay, now we are starting to freak out.  Still trying not to panic, we put a thick sweatshirt over her long sleeve shirt and that seemed to help.  Overtime she seemed to be more energetic, but would periodically slip back into listlessness.  She didn't feel feverish, but we took her temp and she had a low grade fever.  Eventually she seemed more like herself, but was low-tone and struggling with the teething all day long.  All in all, so very much not like Olivia. We have never in the past 18 months had her act this way.

We can think of any number of simple explanations that might have contributed.  However, all of those things have never resulted in her acting this way.  Maybe she just has a touch of some bug.  The last time she was that way was while she was in the NICU and in her early infancy days at home.  If it happens again we are definitely calling the doctor right away, or maybe heading ASAP to urgent care or the ER.

We will place our little one in the care of God for the night, praying that tomorrow will find her back to her normal self.

To help everyone get in the mood for Halloween, here is a picture of Olivia with our family of pumpkins.  There is a daddy pumpkin, a mommy pumpkin and a toddler pumpkin. Olivia seems to be showing us that, just like her daddy, this daddy pumpkin is really heavy.

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