Saturday, October 2, 2010

Michiana Down Syndrome Walk

Olivia and her friend. They are two months apart in age. Olivia is older.

Olivia liked the puppy who gave her a balloon. She knows the word puppy and the word balloon so it was neat to see her with puppy and balloon at the same time! It did not seem to phase her that puppy was soooo big!
We were at Notre Dame after all!!!!! Go Irish!!!!!

Buddy Walk Team! The Cheery-O's!
Grandma B, Cousin Stephen, Uncle Doug, Mommy/ Linda and Olivia, Cousin and godfather Eddie, Daddy/ Peter, Aunt Cindy
It was a chilly windy fall day. Luckily Peter/ Daddy had bought the wind/ rain cover for the stroller so Olivia was very comfortable and napped during the actual walking segment of the day. Olivia wore her hat that she got for Christmas last year from Uncle Jon and Aunt Chris. It was used a lot last year and it still fits! It is a wonderfully soft organic cotton hat that covers her ears! Last week Olivia had an ear infection. We don't want that again! No fun!
I will post more photos and more thoughts later, but here is my post for today! 31 for 21!

The Pre and Post Walk events were held in a multi purpose building on the Campus of Notre Dame. It was LOUD, CROWDED and CRAZY FUN! Olivia LOVED it!!! Hard to believe that this is the same baby we brought home from the NICU who would not like it if we whispered too loud near her. Olivia was truly in her glory! She missed her "real naptime" also, so tonight she is struggling with staying asleep. And Olivia is still teething. I think the current culprit tooth is about to pop through, but each and every tooth creates lots of pain for her and seems to take forever to pop through. One mom told me today that she heard that kids with Ds have thicker gums, so that it is indeed harder for them to teeth. Olivia is working on her 12th tooth currently. 2010 is the year of teething for Olivia. Not the most enjoyable thing!

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