Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Visit with Olivia's Birthfamily

This afternoon, we had the wonderful opportunity to enjoy some time at the Lake with two of Olivia's sisters, Olivia's birthmom and her birthdad. We are so blessed to have an open adoption for Olivia. At first we certainly had to learn how to do an open adoption. There are no clear directions on how to do this. I think that the best way to describe how I feel about Olivia's birth-family is LOVE of course, but to be more specific, I feel that they are extended family. And they are the sort of extended family whom one feels very comfortable around, has fun with, enjoys, and looks forward to seeing. Visits always seem too short. When we first thought about adoption, we did not know how it would be to have an open adoption, but we like it. I don't know if all open adoptions are as comfortable as ours is for us, but all I know is that I thank God for the gift of such a wonderful addition to my life. An addition of many people who I now call my family! I also feel such gratitude that they chose us to be Olivia's mommy and daddy. What an honor! We are so grateful and honored! Everyday I think of her birthfamily, and everyday I ask God to bless them abundantly!


The Hapa Girl said...

That's awesome that you guys have a close relationship with the birth family...but it's way more awesome that you guys are her mommy and daddy!

Csunshinegirl said...

Awwww...that is so wonderful. An open adoption is nice and I'm sure they see wonderful your Olivia is doing. :)