Friday, October 8, 2010

Therapy Progress

Olivia surprised me this week by her first success with a puzzle. She can take the circle in and out of the puzzle!

Olivia has been able to put a wooden egg into a wooden egg cup, and nest small wood bowls for some time, so I think these were preparing her to do this circle puzzle successfully. This evening one piece puzzles from Nienhuis arrived. I cannot wait to give them a try!

Other progress this week includes eating. She is making strides in self feeding. Feeding by hand is going great! Complete mastery! We are still in the beginning stages of fork and spoon feeding, but I am definitely seeing progress. She can pick up a fully loaded fork from the plate and easily put it into her mouth and then put it back down again. Of course, she can take a fully loaded fork and thrust it to the ground, and also can take an empty fork and fling it. Spoon feeding is coming along finally after a slow start. She can pick up a fully loaded spoon and take it to her mouth and empty the contents into her mouth. She can also do the throwing to the floor as with the fork. When she has emptied the spoon, she can put the spoon back into the bowl. She can also throw it on the ground. Rome was not built in a day! Our favorite practice snack for spoon feeding is rice krispies with baby fruit puree or applesauce. It works great! Sticks to the spoon, but is still bowl and spoon worthy.

Physical therapy work is going great! She needs minimal support to pull up to kneeling, and only a bit more support to get to standing. She loves to pull to kneel by the sunroom windows and look outside to admire her outdoor pumpkins. She also is really enjoying pulling up on her exercise bar with mirrors. Of course her favorite exercise equipment is mommy! Loves to pull up on mommy, and mommy has the stretched out shirt necks to prove it!