Sunday, October 3, 2010

Buddy Walk Hangover

Olivia had a tough time going to sleep for the entire night last night. Between the lack of a nap, the excitement of the Buddy Walk and her teething, it was a tough night. Today she has been a bit cranky from the teething and a bit wild and looking for a party from the Buddy Walk fun. She was more interested in "playing around" and being loud during Mass this morning than being that sweet little baby with Down syndrome. She still was smiling and waving at everyone all during Mass, but she was a bit more "vocal" when no one was interested in "playing" with her. But our dear parishioners were very encouraging after Mass that it was OK that Olivia was a bit loud and that she was welcome there whether she was quiet or loud! Bless them!

Here is Uncle Doug, my big brother, playing with Olivia yesterday at the Buddy Walk.
Here is Olivia doing "Patty Cake" for Mommy and Grandma B. (my Mom!)
Here is Olivia doing "motorcycle" for the crowds.
The Buddy Walk has a band and a stage and after the Walk and lunch the kids with Down syndrome get up on the stage and dance and join in the band. One older man with Ds played the drums, one young lady with Ds sang some awesome Creedence Clearwater Revival!

Olivia is waking up from a good nap. Hopefully that has helped return "happy baby" to our house.

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